I am Asbirg. I am a dreamer. And a magician.
I create things in my imagination, write them down and create them in moving images. 
I am a filmmaker. A dream maker. 

My work is various - documentary, fiction, music video, fairy tales and drama. 

My passions - people from all over the world, their stories and film. 

Born in 1987, I grew up on a farm. My journey spans continents, from Zurich to Pemba (Mozambique), London, ... to Münster. Filmmaking is my compass, regardless of location. My short films SELDA, FLORES and THE NEIGHBOR ignite fresh perspectives, evoke emotions, and liberate self-expression.
THE NEIGHBOR celebrated its World Premiere at the 2023 Long Island International Film Expo, Long Island, New York, and won the Best International Film. I hold a degree in sociology, anthropology, film and photographic studies. 

My mission is simple: stir emotions, liberate voices, and let stories reshape the world.


Contact: asbirg [at] andersona.de
Instagram: @asbirg.naranjo @der.nachbar.film

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